Traveler’s Spotlight – The Fall House

It’s Fall Y’all! (You had to see that coming at some point, right?) But there’s so much more traveling to be done, even when the months start getting cooler and the days start getting shorter.  Sometimes, that’s the best time!

This fall we have a special treat for some of our Krewe Members! Feelgoodz is participating in Cercone Brown Company’s The Fall House in Santa Barbara, CA.  If you’ve never heard of The Fall House, it’s a Communications-driven opportunity for brands to connect with members of top tier media in a “hands on” environment.  They do activities together, have meals together, connect with one another, and it’s a beautiful thing! Feelgoodz will be participating in all three sessions of The Fall House, which kicks off TODAY!

“Experience drives everything we do at CBC. The true meaning of the word.  Doing things.  Feeling it.  We firmly believe that sharing this experience in all forms of communication and engagement must be at the core of your marketing.” – Cercone Brown Company

Sure, there can be travel stories of lands far and wide – but there can also be wonderful travel stories in the connections we make across the states.  We are honored and excited to be a part of this wonderful experience, and we look forward to sharing all the fun with you via Twitter and Instagram!! Stay tuned…



Introducing: Lizzielooms!

“Hello, World”
— Lizzielooms

About 3 months ago, I was up in the mountains of Guatemala, in a community village called Corral Grande. We convened for a town hall celebration, as over 20 fabric weavers in this community had completed weaving over 1,000 yards of beautiful tipica on their agreed-upon deadline. They were paid fairly for their craft and they were hungry for more. We assured them more work was coming.

This fabric was then packed up and transported to Guatemala City, where our assembly facility awaited. Sewers and seamstresses were abound, ready and willing to take on the task of turning this fabric into a beautiful slipper. A weaver from Corral Grande was even featured on the hang tag!

This, my friends, is the story of the Lizzielooms.

The Lizzielooms, I gotta say, are rad. They’re the perfect slipper for the hotel, apartment, airport, yoga studio, or anywhere you girls wanna “cozy up and feel super cute”! (Yes, I admit that I just typed that) They’re machine washable with like colors and can either be air dried or put on a light tumble dry. They’ll stretch and contract accordingly.

I’m so excited share this product, and this story, with y’all. You’ll love them!

Steppin’ Easy,


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From The Founder – Well, Jack, We Did It!

This is a week for the record books.

A little over a year ago, I received a phone call from our Hawaii slipper reps, Zoe and Steve. “We just met Jack Johnson and his wife, and we’re gonna get them some slippers!”

A month later, I get another phone call. “I just saw Jack, Kim, and the kids, and they’re ALL wearing Feelgoodz!”

Flash to yesterday – Earth Day – and we have officially announced a “Jack Johnson by Feelgoodz” sandal line to the universe. Now, the events that transpired leading up to this moment are best told over a beachside campfire but, rest assured, it took a combination of patience, persistence, and whole-lotta ‘Aloha.’ Backstage conversations at a gig in DC, middle-of-the-night idea capturing, beachside meetings in Santa Barbara county, and more.

But, y’all, WE’RE DOING IT!

The line will go on limited pre-sale very VERY soon on our website as well as Jack’s – so keep an eye out for that announcement. It’ll also be available for sale on his North American tour. We’ve got a great press team behind us, and amazing partners in Brushfire & the Johnsons. This is just the beginning of some awesome, awesome stuff.

Keep Steppin’ Easy,


The Jack Johnson by Feelgoodz Men's Kinderz.

The Jack Johnson by Feelgoodz Men’s Kinderz.

Traveler’s Spotlight – Nicole’s Middle East Adventure

One of the coolest parts of my job at Feelgoodz is that I get to travel to the source of the flop: where each pair is made! Seeing the farms and factories that create each Feelgoodz product is seriously the best and it reinforces my decision to do what I do everyday.

Earlier this month, Kyle and I traveled from North Carolina to Pakistan to begin exploring and developing a new Feelgoodz partnership. We flew into Lahore, Pakistan and spent the weekend fighting jet lag and exploring markets in the old city, inhaling air full of spices and exhaust while soaking in the sights of 400 year old architecture and stalls full of embroidery and woven fabrics. It was beautiful!

We also spent a fair amount of time feasting on Pakistani food…meat on meat on meat! Along with curries, fried rice, oranges, and more food than I could ever eat. I’m pretty sure I gained five pounds while in Pakistan, where large meals are one of the best parts of the day.

From Lahore we traveled to the small town of Gujrat and spent a few days developing at the shoe factory. As we toured this impressive place, my favorite spot was instantly the floor where 330 women work – hand stitching and sewing parts of shoes. What a wonderful sight and what wonderful smiles! In a country that traditionally provides more for men than women, the fact that this company is employing so many women is a huge step forward. Schools and colleges for women are popping up around Pakistan; I saw several in Lahore, and you can see that traditions are beginning to change to give women more opportunity to be educated and begin their own careers.

At the end of a great week in Pakistan, Kyle and I flew to Dubai for two days to explore and go to a business meeting (Feelgoodz is so international). Dubai in one word: ridiculous. But so fun! Full of shiny skyscrapers and five star hotels, the city is a haven for comfort and luxury. Between pampering myself with a manicure and soaking in a spa, we found ourselves at rooftop pool bars and beachside restaurants. The best part of our trip to Dubai was seeing the sunrise on the top of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. Our flops are going places, breaking records!

Check out some pictures of the trip, I can’t wait to go on my next one and share with you all that we’re doing around the world: from farm to foot.



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From The Founder

Why, Hello, Florida!

Just yesterday, I was driving into South Beach and, perfectly enough, the first thing I see is a dude rockin’ rollerblades and dressed like he’s livin’ in the 80s. I then see a stylish, elderly woman with sunglasses large enough to make any hipster proud. And, as I really got into the mix, I saw a group of boardshort-wearin’ skateboarders rolling in the street as if it were literally their own.

Yes, Will Smith, “Welcome to Miami.”

In the past few days, I’ve driven up the Atlantic Coast, made my way west through the Big Cypress National Preserve, and situated for the night on the Gulf side of the state. I passed the National Polo Club, several mini-golf courses, the Manatee preserve, and more. Sunny and warm, I am reminded of how perfect this state is for Feelgoodz. Flip-Flops, shorts, and t-shirts – 24/7.

Florida, your feet will soon be thanking you. We’re in.